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About Dollcloud

I'm Eerika, an illustrator, designer and dollmaker based in a small Northern European country, Estonia. I have a patological need to make dolls. I developed a line of cute and quirky handmade Dollcloud fabric dolls based on my original doll design and opened this little doll shop in fall 2016

Dollcloud dolls are inspired by a fantastical world of fashion, fairy tales, nature and children's books. Through dollmaking I can nurture my inner child and talk about profound things in a beautiful way. I see dolls as a three dimensional wish or dream.

I 'm used to work between the cute, the macabre and the nerdy thing with the same joy.

My tools: 

  • scissors,
  • needle,
  • graphite pencil and drawing paper
  • and Wacom Cintiq.
Every doll created is entirely unique and made by hand from a large table in my little studio. I carefully contort hand picked natural fiber fabrics and yarn like mohair, wool, linen and silk into soft Dollcloud starlets with embroidered faces. I work free hand when designing my patterns and embroidering doll's faces - this ensures the uniqueness of each doll.

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